Best Cities to Visit in France

France in general is a pretty fantastic place to be. A vacation to France itself is a wonderful experience, and each city you visit is going to be a whole lot of fun. The variety of different landscapes and views in each city within the country makes it difficult to really choose what cities are the best. Some people may find that a quiet place is better than a busy Paris street, but that is not actually why it is hard to pick the best. It is simply because most of the cities in France are just that good. Sure, by the time you leave you could probably strain to pick what place was your favorite based on the things you did, but still, France is just that great of a place to be in

Now, I have picked a few cities that are known for being very tourist oriented and full of things to do during your visit. The first up is Bordeaux. Being a city that is known for its great wine, hence known as the capital of wine, Bordeaux is the city you want to visit if you want to taste wine that is like no other. Made in the surrounding areas, the vast variety of wines that you can taste in the city cannot be counted. If you are into wine tasting and are heading to France, this is the place you want to be.

Another great city is Nice. Planted right along the coast, Nice has some amazing beaches and views. The beaches are very sunny and are very relaxing. The water is usually a nice temperature so going for a swim is always an option. Nice is an amazing city with tons of coastal styled houses and some deep history that is very interesting to learn about. I highly recommend a visit to Nice no matter what you are doing in France.

Chamonix is another great city, if you would call it a city. More like a town, but still big enough that it is a known place. When I say known, I mean it is very popular, because it is the place in France to ski. With amazing slopes in the Rhones Alpes, once you are done skiing for the day, you can head into town to sit down and relax. If you go to France during the colder months and you want to get a good two days in to ski, then Chamonix is your destination.

Well, I obviously was not going to leave out Paris. When you talk with anyone about France, I am sure they automatically think about the Eiffel tower and the city Paris. Paris is, without a doubt, the most popular city to visit in France. This is usually number one on everyone’s travel list, and for good reason. There are amazing monuments, great cityscapes, cathedrals, bridges, canals, and so much more. Paris is an amazing city to visit in France, but I would recommend not getting caught up in Paris for too long, since some of the more remote cities and towns can be better if you want to relax without the busy rush of traffic all day.