Best Places to Visit in Brittany


Brittany is located in the northwest part of France. It is a historical province of France. Brittany has rich Celtic heritage, which makes it unique from rest of the France. It has a mild warm climate. Brittany has its own language and Breton folk music. Let’s discuss the best places to visit in Brittany.


Armorique Regional Natural Park:

Armorique Regional Natural Park covers an area over 125,000 hectares. It extends from Monts d’Arrée Mountain to the islands of the Iroise Sea. The park has a wide variety of landscapes which includes forests, cliffs, dunes. There are a huge number of residential communities and towns in the countryside of the national park. There are various historical centers inside the park limits that illustrate the rich legacy and nature of the park.


Océanopolis is an ocean discovery park located in Brest, France. It is also scientific culture center dedicated to the oceans. The park is divided into three buildings dedicated to three different ecosystems, tropical, polar, and temperate. Océanopolis has over 10,000 animals and more than 1,000 species of marine plants.

Crozon Peninsula:

Crozon is a small peninsula located between Brest and Douarnenez. Crozan Peninsula is a famous destination for trekkers and rock climbers. It incorporates the most popular cave, the Grotte del l’Auteul. It can be reached by boat.

Carnac Stones:

Carnac Stones are the marvelous stone arrangements formed over various stages. Some of them are developed over 6,000 years ago. There is a myth that these stones are created by the spell of a witch named Merlin. The most famous mountain in Brittany is the St Michel from where visitors can enjoy a brilliant view of the Carnac Stones.

Gulf of Morbihan:

The Gulf of Morbihan is a natural harbor located on the coast of the south of Brittany, France. The French name of the harbor is le Golfe du Morbihan. The harbor is separated from the ocean by a 1km wide bottleneck. It has over 40 islands and various animal and plant life. The Gulf of Morbihan is perfect for swimming and sailing. The region is famous for its numerous oyster farms.

Quiberon Grande Plage:

Grande Plage in Quiberon is an enormous sandy shoreline (800 meters in length) confronting south of Belle-Ile. It extends between Port Maria and the Casino of Quiberon. This is the first enormous shoreline from the Wild Coast (and one of the shorelines south of the peninsula of Quiberon).
The general condition of this shoreline is pleasant with delightful structures. The shoreline is most visited in summer. There are various shops and eateries along the shoreline. People can swim on this beach both at low tide and high tide.