Best Restaurants in Brittany


The cuisine of Brittany focuses mainly on seafood. Brittany is one of the largest producers of vegetables in France. Brittany is well-known for its pancakes and different types of sausages. Oysters are widely farmed all over the region. Here is the list of best restaurants in Brittany.

Restaurants in Brittany

Bistro Autour du Beurre:

This restaurant features the butter and cheeses handcrafted by the world-well-known Jean-Yves Bordier. His shop can be found next to Bistro Autour du Beurre. The food items made here are dispatched to best eateries around the world. The building is in one of the few remaining structures from before WWII, and the shop has a fascinating role in the history of butter around the globe and in Brittany.

Breizh Café:

The little diner is pleasant, contemporary and light. The cafe incorporates a crêpe bar which should be booked ahead. The café is famous for its wide cider menu. This will be one of your most appetizing suppers in Brittany. The expert chef combines customary Breton fixings and galette and crêpe styles with Japanese flavors and ends it with a splendid garnishing. Sea plants and delightful occasional pickles are served with duck roast, and organic eggs.

La Côte:

This restaurant is located on the Morbihan coast. La Cote is run by a famous chef Pierre Michaud. Pierre won acclamation for his creative cuisine that is popular for the Breton ingredients. The restaurant has a beautiful setting with a small fish pond.

Restaurant de Roscanvec:

The eatery is situated in the core of old Vannes. It is an amazing restaurant, perceived in the colossal gastronomic directory, and which is additionally part of the lofty system of “Tables and Taste of Brittany”. It has a cultured food with a thousand and one critical seasonings and flavors to try. Specialty clams cooked, vol-au-vent scavengers and shellfish, smoked St Jacques, calf’s head in a dark wheat bind. The famous desserts incline toward the well-known handcrafted Kouign – Amann with its apples and salted margarine caramel frozen yogurt with the fleur de sel from Guérande.

Le Surcouf:

Le Surcouf is located in the heart of Roscoff. This restaurant is well-known for its seafood varieties. The interesting part is the customers can choose their own crabs and lobsters from the tank.

La Table de Jeanne:

This busy restaurant is a very friendly place located next to fish market of Vannes. La Table de Jeanne is known as a romantic getaway as the place brims with youthful local couples, yet pulls in tourists too with its lively interpretation of customary recipes. The everyday changing menu, chalked up on a board, dependably incorporates some meat and freshest fish from the market with mollusks or scallops to burbot spiced with turmeric. The three cave-like lounge areas make a cozy withdraw in low season, and there’s well-priced wine list.