Best Restaurants in Paris

There are so many different types of restaurants in Paris, it all comes down to what kind of food you want to eat at that certain time. No matter what kind of food you want to eat, I am sure you can find a restaurant that serves. I know that when I was in Paris, when I felt like eating a nice European style sandwich, there were so many small restaurants that served them that it just came down to looking at the names of the restaurants and sounding them out to decide which of them sounded the best, as the reviews for most of them were all in the same range of 4 stars or so, per user reviews at least.

But this is a list of some of the best restaurants in Paris, so I will be naming the more expensive and fine dining experiences that you can enjoy in Paris, so there won’t be any low-end sandwich restaurants in this list, but rather most of them serving expensive beef or seafood, fine wines and a luxurious atmosphere to accompany them. We start with Le Meurice, a world class European cuisine restaurant that has a very bright them, from white floors to a golden and white roof, this restaurant looks the part, and the food goes right along with the luxurious looks. From amazing lobster, to amazing wines, and all the kinds of seafood you want, you will not be hungry until lunch the next day after eating everything that is on your plate, if you can manage to do that.

French Cuisine

On the more modern end, we have L’Arpege, a restaurant that is filled with love from the owner, and quality in the food, service, and dining room experience. If you have a lot of guests coming along with you, I would recommend booking the private dining room, since the restaurant can tend to fill up very quickly during dinner hours.

For something a little different than most French restaurants, you will have to try Pierre Gagnaire. This restaurant offers foods that are very high quality and very, very different from the classical kinds of foods that French restaurants offer. With strange mixes of spices and the names of dishes that make you wonder how they manage to make it taste good, this restaurant has everything that someone who wants to try someone new loves. The dining room again is very modern and has a nice dim lighting to it, and the tables are fairly far spread to open it up and give you some space from the people sitting at the table down the ways.

Mediterranean sound good? Grand Coeur will satisfy all of your Mediterrean food needs that still satisfy the tongues of those who prefer French cuisine and even a little Brazilian flare, as the chef is from Brazil. It has an amazing terrace seating area and the food is absolutely amazing. It is one of my personal favorites in Paris.