The Best Places to Stay in Paris

While Paris is a busy place to be, it is relatively easy to get around in. This makes finding a good place to stay easier than many other places, since you don’t have to worry about being super close to where you need to get to if you have to get there quick. Of course, it is nice to know some of the better areas in Paris so that you are not stuck in a place that isn’t so nice for the night. With this short list of some of the best places to stay in Paris.

I will start with the neighborhoods or regions if you would call them that of places that you can stay that have a reoccurring theme all around them. First up is Marais, which has amazing nightlife. If you want to stay in an area that has things to do almost twenty-four hours a day, then Marais is perfect for you. With tons of bars, lounges, and tons of different music venues to attend, you won’t be short on things to do late at night when you just can’t sit still. There are also plenty of art galleries and older mansion homes to look at all around, and the food in the area is very good.

Montmartre is known for having some great views and romantic walkways that are often very quiet and peaceful, making it perfect for a stroll around to look at some of the streets and older homes that are set on perfect hills. It has a very old school style look and the distinct square homes painted with lighter colors are a great background for taking some nice pictures.

Bastille has some amazing locations for all kinds of things, from food to opera, you will always find something neat to do. It is also situated fairly close to Marais, so if you can’t find a place to stay in Marais that meets the budget, Bastille is the place you want to look first for a hotel to stay at. Most of the time, you can actually make it out of Paris with more money staying in Bastille than you would in Marais, since everything here seems to be a bit cheaper, even though the two towns are right next to each other.

Belleville is a lesser known place to stay in Paris, but it offers one of the best views. Make the walk up to Parc de Belleville and bring a picnic blanket because once you get to the top, you won’t want to leave for quite a while. Plus, the nice breeze up on the hill is great, but not too strong if you want to just sit still and relax.

Paris has plenty of other amazing places to stay at, and these examples are only a few of the places that are totally worth the night to stay in. There are tons of different restaurants and events going on all around these locations all of the time as well.